Signature Metal Fab is a small family owned and operated business out of South Florida, we design and build performance vehicles and components, as well as offer many Motorsports Fabrication Services. Our goal is to provide the enthusiast with a superior product, excellent service, and quality craftsmanship. There is no compromise in making a top of the line product and we are here for those that prefer quality. All of our products are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA.


Some of the services we offer:

- Custom Fluid Hose Assemblies

- Custom Machined Motor Plates

- Stainless Headers

- CAD Design

- Titanium Panels

- Carbon Fiber Panels

- Turbo Plumbing

- Aluminum Panels

- Waterjet Cutting

- Machining of Custom Brackets

- Steel Welding ( Mig, Tig, Stick )

- Aluminum Welding ( Tig )

- Titanium Welding ( Tig )

- Stainless Steel Welding ( Tig )

- Custom Work Benches

- Custom Engraving