The Ultimate Fitting
The one-piece billet construction makes PROGold fittings the ultimate race fitting. With no welded, glued or brazed joints, the result is a strong, reliable fitting of the best quality available. The constant internal radius provides maximum flow rates with no necked down restrictions.
Attachment Types
PROGold fittings are available in lightweight Crimp (AC) and Reusable (AR) styles. For sizes -24 through -32, our unique Press Lock (PL) fittings provide a reliable high pressure seal.
Wide Variety
With a nearly unlimited range of styles, you should be able to find a fitting that suits your application. These include AN fittings, Metric, Wiggins, Port Thread, Plug-In 'O' Ring, , Quick Disconnect, Fuel Logs and any angle you need.

BMRS AC Crimp Fittings Straight